Policy advocacy campaigns / interventions

  • Ensuring implementation of the policy to establish an independent wildlife wing under the exclusive control of the Chief Wildlife Warden to manage wildlife reserves that were being intensively logged by ignoring the provisions of the Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972 by the territorial wing which was exercising administrative control over such areas. - 1995-1997.
  • Restoration of the Government Order granting immunity from prosecution to forest officials when they use firearms to prevent illegal hunting and other forest crimes - 1995 -1997.
  • Stoppage of large-scale commercial extraction of bamboo from the Bhadra Tiger Reserve - 1995-1997.
  • Shaping policy as a member of the National Board for Wildlife - 2007 - 2010. Link to NBWL Blog
  • Submissions to the Tiger Task Force, Elephant Task Force, Karnataka Wildlife Tourism policy, Critical Wildlife Habitats, Forest Clearance Process, NTCA tourism policy, Forest Clearance Policy, National Wildlife Action Plan, High Level Committee on amendment of forest laws, Parliamentary Standing Committee on Compensatory Afforestation Bill, 2015 etc. - 2005 - 2016 Click here for pdfs
  • Inputs to the Green Peace Report on Coal Mining as an invited expert member of the fact finding team - 2011. Link to the report
  • Site inspection/Field appraisal reports of committees on which Managing Trustee Praveen Bhargav was a member. Click here for pdfs of reports.